6 Best Ways To Increase Your Apartment Door Security

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One of the issues that are always overlooked is apartment door security. Have you ever wondered how easy it is to break into your apartment? Relying on just the security of the building has been one of the biggest mistakes owners and renters make when living in an apartment.

With burglaries on the rise, make sure you don’t give a chance to an intruder just because of your oversight. Let us help you secure your front door so that you reduce the chances of a break-in. The below tips can be employed by renters as well.





How to increase your Apartment Door Security?


6 Best Ways To Increase Your Apartment Door Security


Use a Deadbolt For Your Apartment Door

When you think about securing your door, locks are the absolute most apparent things to check. A cheap and undependable dead-bolt is just one incident away from a break-in. But a superb high quality deadbolt often discourages offenders and will help you avoid an incident.

It is advised to look for a strong and a premium deadbolt that lasts long and gives you the necessary protection. It is also necessary to install a deadbolt strike plate to make your deadbolt super effective in stopping an intruder.




6 Best Ways To Increase Your Apartment Door Security


Install a Security Camera

One of the best ways to secure your apartment door is to install a security camera. If you are wondering that this is not feasible to you because you’re a renter, then you have no need to worry. You can buy a wireless video doorbell that can be installed in your apartment without any wiring. This acts as a surveillance camera that sits just next to your door. This gives you the best view of what’s happening outside while you sit inside your home watching the entire thing on your phone.

This is one of the best ways to increase your apartment door security as intruders usually tend to avoid places that can record them.


6 Best Ways To Increase Your Apartment Door Security

Secure Your Door with a Door Reinforcement Lock

A Door Reinforcement Lock is in other words a sash jammer that can be installed on your door. Almost all types of such locks can be installed just using two screws. This is one of the must have things for your door as they come very cheap and don’t require any expertise to install them.

It is a practice to place a sash jammer on your door frame. You can place two of such devices on your door frame if you’re really paranoid about keeping yourself safe. This would make it almost impossible for an intruder to make it through your door.




6 Best Ways To Increase Your Apartment Door Security


Use a Door Barricade

This is one of the oldest ways known to man to secure any home from intruders. Installing a barricade makes it very difficult for anyone to break-in. It’s very cheap and super effective for your apartment door security.

It comes with two brackets that are fit on each hinge of your door and holds the metal bar which protects your door. You also get a cable lock for the metal bar so that an intruder doesn’t break into a side window and lift the bar up. This helps the metal bar stay where it is and protect your home.


6 Best Ways To Increase Your Apartment Door Security


Use a Door Jammer

A Door Jammer is a stopper that is specifically designed keeping the security of your door in mind. This product is compatible with almost all kinds of doors as it comes with a height adjuster for perfectly placing it between the gap of door and the floor.

This is a recommended solution if you are a renter and looking to increase your apartment door security without much hassle. May not be as fool proof as the other options in this list, but it is definitely the cheapest. And most importantly it is portable and can be easily used anywhere.



6 Best Ways To Increase Your Apartment Door Security


Increasing the Lighting Area

Low lighting conditions increase the chances of someone robbing your house. To prevent anyone to even think about breaking into your house, adequate lighting outside your door is a must.

It is human psychology that makes us think of attacking at times when the other person is vulnerable. House owners and renters are especially vulnerable at night. An added advantage to an intruder is the absence of any light which makes it for anyone to break-in easily.  Hence lighting up the area around your door tremendously reduces the risk of a break-in.

Especially if you live in an apartment, the hallways that lead to your door needs to lit properly. You will have to invest in some bulbs yourself even if you are a renter because your safety is something that is invaluable.



Final Thoughts

Securing your apartment door can be done in a number of ways and we hope our list gives you the right option for your door at home. When you think of apartment door security, the options you get are endless. This list includes options for all price ranges which have been tried and tested. When it comes to matters regarding safety, you will definitely have to invest some time and money. With this list you can easily make a choice based on your necessity.




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