Locked Out Of House? 5 Best Ways to Get Back In

locked out of house


One of the most dreadful situations in your life is being locked out of house. But this happens to almost everyone but it’s a very tricky situation to get around.Don’t Worry. Because we got you covered on this! Below are some great tips on what you should be doing if you are ever locked out of your house.





What should you do when you’re Locked Out Of House?


Spare Keys


Call someone who may have another set of keys

Almost in every home, there is always an another set of keys. Use your mobile phone to call your family member who has the other key. There may be chances you may have a given a key to your friend or your neighbor. It is a must to contact them first if that is the case.

In the case that you are renting a house, it’s almost certain that your landlord has another set of keys. You should contact them first in that case.

This is the most suitable way of getting into your house because it does not cause any damage to your property. It may cause inconvenience to the other person having the key but it is a very ideal solution for you who is locked out of house.




Open Window


Look for any unlocked place that can give you entry

This may not be ideal but you yourself are also not in an ideal situation when you’re locked out of house. Considering home security, you should not leave a place unlocked. But if there is such a place that you can think of, then it’s a very quick way of solving your problem. You can get inside very quickly and open your door from inside.

Such a place of entry can be a window or any such open space but you must be very careful. Please avoid doing risky stunts that may endanger your life just by trying get to into your house. If such an open window or an area is on a higher floor and requires you to climb up then you must definitely avoid this option and try the methods from our list.




picking a lock


Try Picking the Lock

No, you are not doing burglary. You are just trying to get into your own house. Yes, you may not know how to pick a lock but you will surely find ideas in the internet. Your best option is YouTube.

But below are some things you can try:

  • Use a Knife or a Paper Clip: It would be resourceful if you can try and borrow this from your neighbor. You can try pushing in a knife or a paperclip between the door and the strike plate. Then try to push the sliding lock from the door.
  • Use a Card: Use a card or something as thin that can slide into the tiny gap between the door and the frame. Then try sliding the card into the lock.




removing the doorknob


Remove the Doorknob

This is again another DIY solution to get back into your house which will require a bit of help from your neighbor or anyone else who can give you a toolbox.

Use tools you will likely find in a toolbox to remove the entire doorknob from the door. Below are the steps you to need follow to remove a doorknob:

  • Find the shank of the doorknob and remove the screws using a screwdriver.
  • Then remove the decorative strike plate and remove the screws that attach your knob to the door frame.




Locksmith picking a lock


Reach out to a Locksmith

This is a sure shot way of getting back into your house without causing damage to your door or your property. This option does come with some other downsides. It is an expensive option to get into your house by getting a new key done by a locksmith.

When you’re locked out of house, this may not seem like a bad last option because this is your only last option other than breaking open the door which is not advisable.




How to prevent yourself from being locked out of house?

It’s always great to be safe than sorry. You can always be extra careful when it comes to your house security and your entry into your house. Hence below are some tips where you can enhance your house security and also make it convenient for yourself to get into your house.



smart door lock


Use a Smart Lock for your Door

The safest and the best way to make your entry into your house, is using a smart lock. This enhances your door security and also makes it very easy for you to enter your house.

You will never have to worry again about keeping your keys with you because smart locks give you keyless entry options. There are also hybrid options in smart locks that have both a key hole and other smart methods like fingerprint scanner or a keypad to give you entry into your house.




Locked Out Of House? 5 Best Ways to Get Back In


Keep a spare key with someone else

It is always ideal to keep a spare key with someone else whom you absolutely trust. This can be your friend, spouse, neighbor or even in some cases your apartment security. This will help you tackle a situation like being locked out of house in a very simple manner.

This is a very easy method to prevent yourself from being locked out and costs you absolutely nothing. But be sure to keep your key with someone you trust.



Locked Out Of House? 5 Best Ways to Get Back In


Hide a Spare Key

This method is absolutely not advisable but if you think you have a place in your house outside your door that is safe, you can keep a spare key there. Though this may prevent you from being locked out of house, in terms of home security, this method is highly discouraged.


Final Thoughts

Being locked out of house is a very unfavorable situation for not only you but for everyone. But in these situations you have to remain calm and give yourself an opportunity to relax and think what your options are.The above methods listed will surely help you get back into your house.

We also advise you to think upon getting a Smart Lock that can make sure you are never locked out of house and also help you increase your house security.



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